Movie Review: Toy Story 3

Summary: Excellent movie for both kids and adults! I can’t recommend it highly enough. But I would suggest saving some cash and seeing the 2D version. 3D adds nearly nothing to the movie at all.

Friday I went to Toy Story 3 with my sister Billie, my nieces Meagan and Jayme, Heaven, and Caleb the 4yr old boy Heaven was babysitting. After work we went to the Spokane Valley Mall and had a nice dinner at Azteca before heading to the 7pm show.

We didn’t get into the theater until the movie was just beginning. It’s a good thing I got tickets early because the theater was so packed that we had to split into two groups of three. But that wasn’t a problem, because we didn’t have any concessions to share and once the movie started, the laughter and entertainment never stopped!

I have to commend both Pixar and John Lasseter for yet another great family film packed with drama, laughs, action, and emotion. It was brilliantly written, with humor and references for both kids and grownups -- at the same time. By that I mean wasn’t any Shrek-style humor where you get those awkward questions from the kids… “What does that mean?”. There were plenty of times when characters were doing something that made the kids laugh, while they were saying something that made the adults laugh.

I certainly expected the same familiar faces as the first two stories, but I was surprised by the number of new characters in this one. Personally, my favorites were Ken and Barbie. They even moved with the stiff-legged walk you’d expect.

On another note, I also want to give extra credit to Blake Clark as the voice of Slinky Dog too. As if it’s not tough enough to take over a role in such a big film, but to take over for the distinctive voice of the late Jim Varney is impressive.

I have to admit that during the movie there were a couple of times I caught myself getting a bit self-conscious about how much I was enjoying a kid movie. But one look around seeing Heaven and Caleb enjoying themselves so much reassured me I wasn’t alone. It certainly didn’t hurt hearing the other adults around me chuckling and sniffling either.

When the movie ended and we finally got back together with Billie and the girls, the first words out of Meagan’s mouth were “That was AWESOME!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Official Verdict
Jayme (age: 4)
Meagan (age: 11)
Heaven (age: 20)
Caleb (age: 4)

I think it’s safe to predict that I’ll probably be seeing this a few more times over the next few weeks.

Tip: The first time you see subtitles, brace yourself. The best part of the movie has arrived.

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