My Newest Wish List Item!!

Microsoft officially revealed the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) Thursday (formerly code named “Origami”).  As much as I love my trusty iPaq, I really want one of these...

I like the evolution that's taking place in mobile PCs.  With the emphasis on connectivity, and performance closer to that of a desktop, these devices should be far more useful, and usable, to a broader audience.

The three new UMPC models shown at CeBIT...

from Founder, Asus, and Sumsung respectively

They're supposed to run any Windows XP app, so there will be no need to buy PocketPC versions of your apps to do real remote comuting.  I'm dying to fire up some real CAD apps on one of these babies.

Now the only question is: Where and when do I get one?


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Published Friday, March 10, 2006 4:16 AM by Stavanja
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